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I had a story here before and now I see there is no point to the story.


 The story is related to a character. Ultimately the timeless awareness  that I am can not be defined. The experiences related to the character are like movies coming and going and understood differently depending on the level of awareness, while the one behind the screen has never changed.

Journeying within releasing negative subconscious and un-conscious belief systems, deeply understanding the root cause of illnesses; purifying and changing the energy biofield from destructive to pure seems to balance out karma (cause and effect), which is essential to getting back to the original untouched state.

Deepening the realization and connecting with ones true nature - essence - the Spirit seems to be most important.

You may find the natural holistic treatments, tools and techniques helpful in the healing process, to stay focused in the presence and reconnect with higher consciousness - the purest self, while sheading all the unnecessary  within.

There are certain formulas that contain the KEY to letting go of the destructive patterns or habits. Applying these formulas to liberate from anything that is no longer necessary seems to be working!

The wisdom shared here is not just studied from spiritual textbooks, it is  fully and profoundly experienced.

All you need is just a little bit of openness and curiosity

My name is Dorit and it is a pleasure to connect!



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My name is Dorit.

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