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I had a story here before and now I see there is no point to the story.


 The story is related to a character. Ultimately the timeless awareness  that I am can not be defined. The experiences related to the character are like movies coming and going and understood differently depending on the level of awareness, while the one behind the screen has never changed.

Journeying within and becoming  aware of subconscious and un-conscious belief systems, deeply understanding the root cause of illnesses; purifying and changing the energy biofield from destructive to pure seems to balance out karma (cause and effect), which is essential to getting back to the original state.

Deepening the realization of true nature - essence - the Spirit seems to be most essential.

You may find the natural holistic treatments, tools and techniques helpful in the healing process, to stay focused in the presence and reconnect with higher consciousness - the purest self, while sheading all the unnecessary  within.

There are certain formulas that contain the KEY to letting go of the destructive patterns or habits. Applying these formulas in letting go of anything that is hindering seems to be working!

The wisdom shared here is not just studied from textbooks, it is  fully and profoundly experienced.

My name is Dorit.

higher consciousness, certified reiki, cosmoenergy, distance reiki healing, quantum healin

It is often thought that spirituality is "developed" by doing yoga or other practices for years to "achieve" enlightenment.

Spirit that is in everything and everyone is available at any given moment.


It is a pleasure to share the messages from pure consciousness, including the techniques and methods from all teachers of higher awareness that I have been sincerely open  to learn from to heal and now may be of assistance in the healing process of others.

I only share in private and individually or for beings of same household or family (never in a large group), considering each clients current state of awareness and condition.

If you got curious, you are welcome to try any of the private holistic therapy sessions by booking it online or arrange a personal  retreat with me on a secluded island for deeper introspection and purification, especially if you wish to let go of stronger destructive habits.

You can also reach me via WhatsApp or call +31617445898  

and email higherconsciousnessenergy@hotmail.com