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About kindness, self value, immune system, healing - from research with subjects under hypnosis

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

immune system, selflove, healing, wellbeing, quantum healing hypnosis technique

These past months have been an incredible opportunity to observe myself, how I react in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty. Having gone through all possible emotions, analysis, back up plans, fears etc. during the pandemic and talking to hundreds of people on the phone, chats etc. the one conclusion is - we all have so much to heal.

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Natural healing

No traumas just disappear, neither our subtle beliefs, they just come out with more intensity when suppressed. All of our emotions want to be heard, when suppressed they make us sick, not immediately but slowly. Therefore, running away from oneself, blaming others or the World may only stretch the inner struggle. Taking time to see the outer and inner, doesn't make you a judgmental being, in fact analysis is needed to understand what's happening. You are not a "bad" person for being kind towards yourself, setting boundaries for yourself, feeling sad, angry or happy. All is part of life. We just need to learn more about ourselves and give ourselves time. Nature is balancing itself out naturally!

Pharmaceutical industry in form of medicines, vaccines, antibiotics, pills, artificial vitamins only make our immune system weaker. So goes for canned food, unhealthy foods, antibiotics in foods, water containing excess metals etc. or continuous unhealthy lifestyle. That makes us weak.

"Seek within you the force that governs the universe and that is beyond the senses of the mind" - Amma

For those who truly care about their lives or any other lives and do believe life in this or any other form is a gift to learn about the self and to realize the self (not the ego) healing oneself is the best thing, best investment you'll ever going to make. Material stuff can't be taken along to another lifetime, being here is temporary, your name is temporary, the body has its time.

Being is not temporary,

it just is. Deeper healing is necessary not only for the body, also for the soul to return to the state of one - pure spirit. The ONE I'm talking about is nameless/formless; the rest is but a seeming dis-balance constantly trying to balance itself. It requires too much of energy to argue on these topics with the ones who are not open to listen or to understand as many still believe mostly in the outer World, outer oneness, the worldly goods, in their name, or hold on to the beliefs that the physical is all there is, who have certain set ideas about kindness and openness.

It is not my place to convince anyone but to share some personal realizations and research from many subjects questioning these topics under deep hypnosis.

The most common misconception is that one needs to be a "good or kind person" to be liked and loved, without any personal boundaries, to be accepted with legs and arms open to anything or anyone. Another massive misunderstanding is to suppress all one's "negative" emotions for the benefit of a family, community etc. The community never benefits from the sick "helpers" or from the unhealthy and the unkind towards oneself, even though it may appear otherwise. Instead of fighting against big pharma, corporations etc. make ones own choices to enjoy life, nature, bee stings, aunt bites, little natural poisons from insects etc who naturally increase our immune system.

Use as little medicines with possible side affects and artificial vitamins as possible. Do your own research.

Start feeling what the body naturally needs (not your urges from habits) and requires instead of conforming to "black or white - all or nothing plans" etc. Love yourself and listen to your needs, emotions, heal Yourself! Keep checking what your eating, drinking (quality of water etc.), who your communicating and spending time with, and how you treat yourself. This is what has come up from many subjects who have inquired about these topics in deeper introspection and hypnosis and from personal experience. Ask questions, be open to answers, perhaps come to the hypnosis to find out for yourself who you really are - find your true Self! That's what really matters! With love,


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