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Introducing the Private Deprogramming Home Retreat in Amsterdam

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

The purpose with connecting on this private retreat is to assist with liberating from burdens and anything that does not serve you anymore, changing the energy and revealing the truth.

Truth is the best healer!

Let's assume that you are in a program that no longer works for you or serves you.

Even if you can't pinpoint the exact issues or problems, or unconscious negative beliefs that effect how you perceive reality and react, together we can dig deeper to empower and get back into original blissful Self.

My suggestion is not to create a new program, just let go of the old. And discover with curiosity how things change naturally.

Consciously or suggestively telling what to become may lead to getting stuck into new programs or what the mind may think is a better program.

In this case you may later realize you have once again become the prisoner of this new program.

Undealt negative conscious or unconscious programs when ignored may find other ways to manifest.

When you keep letting go outdated and unserving programs in theta state of consciousness, your awareness consequently changes.

You will attract other beings with similar awareness into your life.

You will start noticing the outer world in a different way, from a higher


The homestay retreat in Amsterdam in a safe environment and cosy home may include private Yin Yoga, Thai massage and Cosmoenergy healing sessions (depending on your current situation) to release any negative energy, enhance own energy and protect the energy field from entity leaks.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis to release fear and let go of traumas, get priceless advice from thy Higher Self and guidance for daily life, health etc. For awareness and awakening of higher consciousness.

Reiki l initiation (with Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki certification) to access pure lifeforce energy for daily use after the retreat.

The retreat may also include Psylocibin treatment.

And possibly fun adventurous activities exploring outdoors, as life is a drag when taken too seriously.

My retreats are very individual as each person is unique with different energy and thinking patterns, thus personal touch is most essential!

To enquire availability and to book a 24 hour or 48 hour retreat with home accommodation in Amsterdam pls contact me first for an online discussion or email me via

My personal video describing my intentions

The essence of my intentions on this retreat are discussed also by other beings like Darryl Anka/ #Bashar and #EckhartTolle

You may take a moment to absorb and feel if it feels right for you

Recently published scientific research to back up the efficiency and positive results of energy healing and higher consciousness energy


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