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Recently I conducted a small research through Higher Consciousness Energy about capability to hold space and listen.

The results were quite staggering.

For everyone of us it is very important being listened to (100 %).

And not many can truly listen to others during conversations.

This analysis has lead to an interesting observation and questions.

Even when people are being heard, why is there less interest in listening back?

The higher Self answers indicate, that even when people do feel being heard, they may be too self-absorbed to listen back. Self-absorbed as in too worried about own issues.

And why is it more likely instead of being present to listen, there's a tendency to assume, project or simply being in own thoughts, when the other is speaking?

Leaving those questions up to you for inner observation...

I felt to send this out during Easter, because the emerging energy of Spring is full of possibilities, potential and fresh energy - thus potentially more inner strength for taking initiative and will for personal behavioural transformation and healing.

Easter reminds us of Christ-Consciousness, which is all about forgiveness.

Forgiveness for those who were not capable of being present or listening in this lifetime or any other lives one's soul has experienced.

And most of all forgiving thyself for not having been able to be there for oneself or others in any timelines where this may have occurred.

Even to just observe within thyself how much presence there is for silence - spaciousness - for true Self?

And possibly to observe honestly the moments with other people, how much presence there is for giving and receiving, for listening and to be listened to.

Honest observation to each and everyone in every moment 🙏

Wish you a calm and beautiful Spring time and potential to continue healing/Spring cleaning 🌸

Here is a SILENCE MEDITATION for being present for Oneself.

Warm regards,



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