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  • Dorit Kozlovski

Reiki helped me during high fevers in quarantine. You may ask for distance energy healing too!

Updated: Nov 10

Recently I experienced elevated temperatures for more than a month.

It was very difficult to get medical assistance.

At the moment to visit a general practitioner in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) during Covid19 is impossible before one goes to the Corona test centre.

The centre was 3o minute bike ride from my home. Due to Covid19 regulations I could not order a taxi or ask any friends for help to get me to the centre, since I was immediately asked to be in isolation and quarantine as soon as I had called the test centre to inform about my symptoms and to make an appointment.

I never made it to the appointment.

On that day my fever had risen to 39 Celsius.

If it wasn't for Cosmoenergy and Reiki sessions I did to myself during the most critical moments of the sickness and for my request to ask friends to send me Reiki healing through distance during a 40 degree fever, maybe I would not be in this body now to tell the tale.

After this whole experience I have never been more convinced of the importance of holistic and alternative healing practices, when requested not just out of curiosity to try something new, but from openness and sincerity to heal and work on oneself.

If you are suffering at home with a virus, flu or you can't get assistance with any other sickness or disease because you need to get Corona-tested to be able to even see a doctor, there are other solutions to ask for help.

Just so that you know there is a possibility to ask for a holistic and alternative healing practice assistance even in quarantine without putting anyone else at possible risk.

Channeling life force energy Reiki from a distance, especially during anxious times may be one of these options.

Reiki was certainly my main tool for recovery and helped me so much also with anxiety and fear during my nearly 1 and a half months of home quarantine.

"TRANQUILITY" Photo taken in Leiden during first lock-down

If you are in a similar position or situation, do know your not alone and its possible to ask for assistance from distance!

Although its difficult for the mind to comprehend, sending and receiving energy works like telepathy -

With the openness of the receiver and the focus of the Reiki practitioner to tap into the life force energy channels for sending energy in a particular time to the receiving end it just works.

It is best to contact me by email, before the session is booked to make sure the timing of me sending Reiki and you receiving the energy is perfect for both.

To receive the energy medicine via distance I need also your photo and address of your location, so that during the agreed booking time I can fully focus on sending Reiki healing energy directly to you.

What you need to do during the distance Reiki healing session:

Just lay down

Close your eyes

Be open to receive Reiki healing energy

Empty your mind as much as possible and just BE

When you notice thoughts arise just get back to your Self and be the witness

Dorit - your Reiki Master/Teacher

Sometimes it just helps to know your not alone and can ask to receive assistance with your healing process!

I can be reached by email

For more information you are welcome to visit the website

To book Reiki distance healing channeling service on the same site go to:

I also behold the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki master teacher certification and can pass on the attunements of this ancient lineage for all levels so that you can start giving Reiki to yourself and/or others:
First level is hands-on Reiki 
Second level distance Reiki -sending Reiki to others from distance
Art level -Reiki Master
Reiki Master/Teahcer, passing Reiki initiations for others
Contact me directly to ask for Reiki I, II, III, or Master Initiations by email
I TEACH REIKI PRIVATELY (preferring no group lessons for personal touch and thus better focus on you and your learning experience)

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