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Handmade, needle stitched eye mask

The beads have been added one by one to the edges to add glamour and heaviness for ultimate relaxation.

Length 9 cm , width 19 cm

Handloomed silk with beautiful pattern purchased from Myanmar artisans, when the borders of the country were still open.

Making this item exclusive.

Silk doesn't make you sweat, it's natural material and made by silk worms.

Lavender self grown, plucked, dried and put into the mask.

Care instructions:

Gentle use for yoga, meditations, healing, sleep, travelling etc.

Cleaning instructions: Best to out in freezer for freshness and cleansing bacteria.

Washing may cause damage to the herbs inside and eliminate the smell of lavender.

Smell has an impact on emotions.

Lavender helps to fall asleep. Studies have shown that it can also improve the quality of sleep.

Even for people with insomnia, this heaven-sent aroma can increase the amount of deep sleep.

Lavender has the added benefits of relieving anxiety, stress and depression – all of which are related to sleeping difficulties.

Physiologically, lavender also lowers blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn relaxes.

Pure Silk Natural Lavender Calming Handmade Eye Mask

Color: Green
  • One of a kind handcrafted real silk and beads eye mask with 4 cotton crochet strings to tie easily from the back of the head.

    Filled with self-grown lavender.

    The delicate aroma and shape of the mask helps you to relax, have better sleep, shut off from the World in an instant, while making you feel calm and peaceful.

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