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Yoga Pose

Private Yin Yoga

Private Yin Yoga 

Yin yoga is slow paced, where each position is held for 5-7 minutes to apply moderate stress on connective tissue - fascia, tendons, ligaments. Meridians - energy lines are within fascia. Thus when you book a yin yoga lesson it will treat your entire energy system.


Functional Yin yoga session is about focusing on the holistic wellbeing while considering the individual differences. The anatomy of each human-being is different, emotional level unique, thought patterns vary. Only with awareness can one witness how aware one actually is.

What differentiates my yin yoga lessons from any other teacher is that I combine meditations and Cosmoenergy healing during the 

completely  private session.


 Besides focusing on general yin yoga positions, the main approach is personal - considering specific complaints or needs and above all your unique anatomy and spiritual health/emotional state of being.

 YOU are ONE of a KIND, and there is no-one else  as YOU are NOW.


The lesson is catered only for You and will include the Yin positions, meditations and Cosmoenergy healing catered just for You.

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