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Spiritual Nature Retreat Release Habits

A minimum 21 day homestay retreat on a quiet island by sea, forest and spas. To let go of habits.

  • 99 hr
  • 2100 EUR
  • Suur-Põllu

Service Description

It takes about 21 days for new habits to kick in. The price here includes 21 day homestay accommodation and holistic treatments. During the minimum 21 day retreat you will be on a quiet and peaceful island staying in a cosy home accommodation nearby the sea, forest and many spas. You may enjoy cooking together, nature walks, cycles, swimming and spa treatments, (even golf if you wish) etc. In case you wish to let go of drugs or alcohol addiction, suffer from a long held illness, you will be having a Cosmoenergy healing session every day with specific channels that helps with addictions and withdrawal symptoms, or to restore physical and mental health.. The retreat also includes 3 Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions to understand and let go of deep habits, addictions, root causes of illness, do body scans and heal. Understanding and releasing limiting beliefs and negative unconscious programs. When you keep letting go of un-serving programs in theta state of consciousness, via Subconscious, your awareness consequently changes. Includes Reiki I initiation to access pure life-force energy for daily use after the retreat. Therapeutic massages to improve health on all levels. The homestay retreat in a beautiful and safe environment may includes private Yin yoga to release, become Self aware and increase spiritual awareness. May include card readings and pendulum divination/healing All will be catered according to your needs The 21 day retreat with total rate 2100 EUR also includes ACCOMMODATION (cost for meals and extra treatments can be added according to your personal needs) ***My retreats are very individual as each person is unique with different energy and thinking patterns, thus personal touch is most essential! To enquire availability, create a custom made plan according to your needs and to book a 24 hour or 48 hour or 21 day retreat with home accommodation. Please contact me first for an online discussion or email me via I will provide you specific information about location and images of the house and rooms when you have sincere interest in booking this retreat. #SubConscious, #Unconscious, #deprogramming, #Soul, #Highermind #OverSoul, #wellbeing, #transformation, #innerbalance, #innerpeace

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