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Relax and heal with therapeutic Chiromassage!

Treat stiffness, discomfort, tenseness. Bad posture, muscle contractions, arthritis, vascular disorders etc.

Relief of neck, shoulders, back pain.

Relaxing foot massage, facial massage.

Release tension in arms and hands.

Book a soothing and healing massage in Amsterdam.

Please state your complaint and enquire availability from certified massage therapist Kaja by contacting

Leading prices:


35 euros:


30 min Face massage

30 min Foot massage


55 euros:


60 min Whole Body Chiromassage session

60 min Decontracting Massage

60 min Neck and Shoulders Massage

60 min Back Pain Relief (lower back and lumbar back region, general back massage)

chiromassage Kaja
Chiromassage diploma, muscle contractures, Neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, lumbar,
Chiromassage diploma 2

Decontracting Massage

When muscle contracts, it shortens causing pain and can block movement. This may happen due to stress, anxiety, poor posture, physical exertion or not enough movement. 

Decontracting massage helps to relax and expand muscle tissues in specific body parts by adding pressure and stretching. 


Relaxing Massage

Helps to relax your nervous system by applying slow and gentle full body massage with essential oils.

Relaxing massage helps to relax the mind and release muscular tensions.

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