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You Time Yin Retreat for Burnout

  • 99 hr
  • 1,600 euros
  • Suur-Põllu

Service Description

2 Weeks of You-Time - Yin Winter Wonderland Retreat for Burnout Help Winter is the season of the Yin energy - to receive, to go within and just be, without feeling guilt of needing to do or accomplish. This retreat is perfect especially in a state of burnout, stress or anxiety to treat oneself in peace and calm. The holistic retreat is on a tranquil winter island- very quiet surroundings with few inhabitants, beautiful, spacious. Perfect for fresh air walks in ecologically clean nature surroundings. No need for phone, PC, no television. Inclusive of: Accommodation in a cosy private home with sauna and garden. The homestay is 10 minutes walk from beach and spas. Meals according to diet recommendation from your personal hypnosis. 1 x hypnosis for body scan and specific health plan and releasing any current issues or non serving beliefs. 5 x private Yin yoga sessions with meditations 6 x Cosmoenergy treatments, to clear the head and body, magnify your energy, treat specific system and organs., take out toxins. 4x Deep Tissue massages 4 x Foot reflexology massage 2 Spa entrances to enjoy many saunas, swimming or water massage treatments. For more information please contact me directly via email

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