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Quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT Amsterdam, QHHT Estonia, higher consciousness ene

Dolores Cannon method - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner.  My intention is to assist with questions to finish with any negative issues influencing your life. Empowerment and wisdom from Higher Consciousness. 
When contacted and communicated with, The SubConscious answers any questions about your current life, or about any of your other lives in order to release baggage or blockages, traumas, limiting beliefs. Forgiveness and empowerment through Subconscious and Higher Consciousnesss is transformative and liberating. Body scan for healing and release. 

During the full day therapy session we first go through all your questions prepared in advance. In the hypnosis part first subconscious takes you to the root of the questions, which may mean visiting various lifetimes or dimensions, showing moments from this lifetime or in between lives help you in best possible way. On the second part of the hypnosis we ask all questions directly from Higher Self and lastly we conduct a full body scan.

As advised by Dolores Cannon herself, it is best to listen to the completely confidential audio recording after the session many times and follow up on the advice given! If advice is not followed one cant expect transformation happening on its own.

“Its my pleasure to assist you in your healing process by listening to you with full attention, helping with how to formulate questions to receive deepest wisdom and awareness from within” 

The full session may be conducted online or in person and may take from 6 - 11 hours, depending on each individual.

In fact, there is no time limit - you book a day just for You. 

I conduct QUANTUM  HYPNOSIS SESSIONS ALSO ONLINE This is possible with stable and good internet connection from anywhere in the World.


For booking call, sms or Whatsapp me on +31617445898


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Dorit, your Quantum Hypnosis practitioner 

quantum healing hypnosis technique, hypnotherapy, higher self guidance, QHHT Amsterdam, QH

My purpose when conducting hypnosis is to liberate from burdens and limiting beliefs to heal.


Lets assume that you are in a program that no longer serves you. You'd like to get rid of that program or problems.

My suggestion is not to create a new program, just let go of the old and discover with curiosity how things change naturally. Nature does not like an empty space, thus in this way transformation occurs with ease.

When you keep letting go of old programs in theta state of consciousness your frequency consequently changes.

You will attract other beings with similar frequency into your life. 

With intention and purpose to heal, having curiosity or  even slight openness leads to visions/ feelings/ sensations into moments, parallel lives and other dimension, where the issues originate. The SubConscious is the veil to the Unconscious. All programming is directed from Unconscious, energy bodies, the Soul.

Witnessing the problem from higher mind, Oversoul perspective, uncovering hidden information from  unconscious gives a profound understanding of the root cause of illnesses, traumas, habits. When the  truth is revealed, deprogramming happens sincerely and in purest possible way!

During hypnosis with me you are in control and aware during the entire session and may decide for yourself if you wish to keep or let go what's no longer serving.


It may be equally important for your current situation to recall or witness moments of joy, gratitude, bliss and happiness to (re)activate all of that in your daily life!


My intention is full-hearted and responsible facilitation of the healing process in a safe and trusting environment. I facilitate 100% private, uninterrupted and safe journeying within.

Here is my short video to further explain the process










quantum healing hypnosis technique, hypnotherapy, higher self guidance, QHHT Amsterdam, QH
quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT in Amsterdam, dream analysis, past life regression, holistic therapy, remote therapy, online hypnosis, quantum healing
quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT Amsterdam, online hypnosis, hypnotherapy, holistic wellbeing, holistic therapy, higher consciousness energy

C.G. Jung, Dream Analysis 1

You may ask advice from others- friends, doctors, teachers, yet nobody knows you better than your higher self.

“In the analysis, we must be very careful not to assume that we know all about the patient or that we know the way out of his difficulties. If the doctor tells him what he thinks the trouble may be, he follows the doctor's suggestions and does not experience himself. Suggestions may work for a time, but when he is away the patient collapses because he has no contact with himself and is living not his own way but the doctor's way. Then he has to return to the doctor for new suggestions and after a  while, this becomes disgusting to both”

higher consciousness energy, quantum healing hypnosis technique, Dolores Cannon hypnosis, hypnosis online, holistic therapy, hypnotherapy, QHHT Amsterdam

With Quantum Hypnosis 

 you may ask anything!


Please be aware your SubConscious is  showing you exactly what you are currently  able and ready to witness!

You may ask about your life purpose in this life or all lifetimes.

About your career, investments, relationships, family, best places to live or be.

Discover what is your perfect current diet, exercises, practices most suitable for you now?

How to connect with True self on a daily basis?

Inquire how to communicate most appropriately with close ones, ask about relationship issues; how to find or recognise a partner.

Learn the underlying cause in regards to your addictions, habits or patterns, to see if you want to discard or keep them?

Release withheld emotions, traumas etc.

Ask any questions regarding medicine, science, politics, religion, philosophies, truth, galaxy, planets, history, life on Earth and beyond etc.



The wisdom within is available and waiting to unfold!!!

Quantum healing hypnosis technique, QHHT Amsterdam, higher consciousness energy, past life regression, hypnotherapy, hypnosis online, distance healing, holistic therapy, Subconscious, higher self guidance

Dolores Cannon, The Convoluted Universe - Book Two

“Love is the most powerful. If people tell you that the opposite of love is fear, it is not so. Love just is. Love has no opposite. Remember that, dear one. Love has no opposite. Love just is. It is the answer to everything. Everything.”

Dolores conducted more than 4000 quantum healing hypnosis technique sessions during her lifetime and has published more than 17 books about her client's Subconscious and Un-Conscious experiences.

​Here is a short video from the founder of the technique herself:

"Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination."

Dolores Cannon

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