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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon method of hypnosis, where we meet in person

  • 8 hr
  • 250 euros
  • Suur-Põllu

Service Description

PS THIS CALENDAR does not consider the actual schedule of the practitioner. BEST CONTACT BEFORE via email> QHHT is unique - it engages with what Dolores Cannon, the developer of this profound technique called the SubConscious. SubConscious is the window to the unconscious, to your Soul, Higher Self, Higher Consciousness. When contacted and communicated with, The SubConscious answers any questions about your current life, or about any of your other lives in order to release the baggage or blockages, understand where habits or addictions originate. Become aware of subtle limiting beliefs that impact how You perceive reality. You may release withheld emotions, nurture your inner child. You may visit other dimensions for empowerment or teaching. We conduct a body scan to receive as much healing as possible. Answers to burning questions like life's purpose, relationships, career, releasing traumas, habits that no longer serve, find out anything you've ever been curious about. All ready and open individuals may experience whatever is most needed at this time during the session. The Subconscious may show you other lives, dimensions only for your best interest. You will be only shown what's relevant for your current life and situation, your intention, questions etc. You will be asked to do some observing and writing down questions before we meet in person. I take full responsibility for following you during the hypnosis and asking the most relevant questions that may be of highest benefit to you. My purpose is to assist with letting go of any burdens and limiting beliefs, negative stories etc. for once and for all. It is of great importance to listen to the recording afterwards and to follow up on any suggestions/advice from the session to fully benefit from it. WAIVER OF LIABILITY The client voluntarily agrees to be the subject of Quantum Hypnosis session. You are always in control, in charge and responsible to decide what you wish to take on or leave, release or let go of, also during the session. The Session I conduct with you is in my capacity as a facilitator or guide. I engender a discussion between you and your Higher Self and the recorded Sessions will clearly reveal the Higher Source of information and healing. I say this to you with genuine Love and Compassion.

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