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Short Online Hypnosis Session

  • 1 hour
  • From 40 euros
  • Online via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp

Service Description

How would it feel to take just an hour or two from a busy schedule to explore and connect with your intuitive side. The short online hypnosis session is an option to set an intention for few questions or topics at a time and dive into the Subconscious for most truthful answers. Since the unconscious runs all of the conscious programs this may be an excellent opportunity to let go of any traumas, limiting beliefs, or simply explore your gifts, mission from other lives (parallel dimensions). End any negative stories and get fulfilled. Letting go of anything that is not serving you and exposing talents particular only to your soul is like peeling off an onion to come to the core blissful Self you truly are. For our one to one transformative session, please write down a few questions in handwriting that will initiate the connection with your higher Self. When we meet online we discuss briefly the topic(s) and do a hypnosis right after. I charge by the hour 40 EUR excluding taxes. (Including the talk and hypnosis part) We may also include your key word for personal future hypnotic induction with healing symbolism and affirmations catered specially for you.

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