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Cosmoenergy practitioner channels pure higher consciousness energy for HOLISTIC WELLBEING

Cosmoenergy practitioner has access to opening Cosmoenergy channels that have been initiated into ones biofield by Cosmoenergy Master Teacher.


The primary function of Cosmoenergy channelling is to protect, clean and balance the human biofield (aura).


Cosmoenergy channels purify chakras (human energy centres - our living library), changing their programs from negative to pure.

This leads to the proper functioning of all organs and systems within the body. Thus the process of self-healing is activated.

The holistic natural treatment will have an effect in one's whole system (not just specific organs), and will effect ones destiny as a whole.

This small video can give you more insight into Cosmoenergy:

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Cosmoenergy - natural and holistic healing practice

Higher consciousness energy is miraculous, because besides the potential of healing the physical body from diseases accumulated over the years; they rejuvenate and restore human energy by removing negativity, making the human bio-field pure and dense, resistant to external influences. 
Purification from the accumulated negative energies, entities, insults and irritation creates a new outlook on life, spiritual awareness, and understanding one's purpose.
All this leads to a healthy and happy being. 

Cosmoenergy may assist anyone who wants to transform their life, find the meaning of life and balance karma.

Besides treating illnesses, diseases or any other possible complaints that one may be aware of, Cosmoenergy eliminates the underlying destructive patterns, which may still be in their infancy or have not yet manifested. 



Physical body symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg. The main errors start in the invisible energy bodies. It is precisely there, where the disease is born. 
Diagnosis reveals human bio-emergent holes or magic influences, connections to other worlds (energy outflow or inflow), presence of negative programming.

In addition, Cosmoenergy (space energy) identifies abnormalities in ones biofield and may balance destiny (karma), energy centres (chakras).


The imbalance in the energetic chain of mental, emotional, astral, causal, spiritual, ether and soul bodies  cause disruption in the functioning of the corresponding organs.


Einstein's well-known formula Е=mс2 testifies that energy and matter - are one and the same universal substance. Meaning that all material objects in the Universe are energy or vibration.

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A similar idea is stated by academician and physicist R.F. Avramenko.


He writes: "The Quantum theory has shown, that each object from visible reality are  "microparticles". Meaning that also people, planets consist of microparticles that make up the entire Universe (with the aura or energy field of each being boundless/ limitless).


The visible and tangible border of subjects is perceived as  border only because of  the  maximal concentration of substance waves in a limited area."
To understand R. F. Avramenko's opinion correctly, it is best to be open to this "quantum key" NOW and let go of some rigid ideas  presented in science about "genetic defects" and  errors, while understanding that some statements actually make sense only as subjective agreements of scientists about "game rules" for describing or validating surroundings.

A human being is part of Nature. Energy being the protogenic essence.

This unity and indivisibility of Nature and Energy should be the foundation and basic principle of medicine  - Emil Bagirov, ICCF (International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation)

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