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Cosmoenrgy Healing

Dorit's personal  journey with Cosmoenergy started in 2018.

Right now (2024) she is the only  International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation (ICCF)healer in the Netherlands (her main base)

Cosmoenergy channels were discovered by Hindu and Tibetan monks through group meditations. There are many pure natural healing Cosmoenergy channels, each for different purpose and with high frequency.


Cosmoenergy healing channels were discovered in Tibet by monks around 400 years ago during deep group meditations. The channels were kept in secret until a small group of quantum physicist scientists -the Roerich family came across the teachings in their expedition to the Himalayas - the Shambala area. The teachings were passed on to them because of their awareness and higher state of consciousness, to use Cosmoenergy in the right way and pass it on.

Cosmoenergy heals on quantum level - quantum healing means clearing individual energy particles.

This holistic therapy healing is powerful for preventing illnesses and diseases as well as healing the physical body, mental illnesses, energy bodies and soul.

There are more than 200 various Cosmoenergy channels, each one with specific healing purpose. 

For example: channel Lugra for healing nature, animals etc.; channel Risur for gastro intestinal healing and healing of specific organs like stomach, spleen etc.; channell Svjatoi Mojesei - for immunity and bronchi, lungs etc., channel Sinrah for female hormones and rejuvenation; channel Surii Sanlai -for allergies and skin diseases; channel Shaon - for oncology (cancer treatment), taking out salts and breaking stones; channel Anael for unconditional love and forgiveness; channel Luli for treating mental illnesses; channel Pervoi Magicheski for removing curses, just to name a few.


The Cosmoenergy healer is initiated by each channel one at a time to their personal biofield (aura) by the Cosmoenergy Master Teacher.

Cosmoenergy healing can be used as primary healing practice and the channels are very effective in combination with other medicinal practices in order to heal or recover faster. 


The primary function to use Cosmoenergy channels is to protect, clean and balance the human biofield (aura).

Cosmoenergy channels purify chakras (human energy centres - our living library), changing their programs from negative to pure.

This leads to the proper functioning of all organs and systems within the body. Thus the process of self-healing is activated.

The holistic natural treatment will have an effect in one's whole system (not just specific organs), and will effect ones destiny as a whole.

This small video can give you more insight into Cosmoenergy:

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Cosmoenergy channels are miraculous, because besides the potential of healing the physical body from diseases accumulated over the years; they rejuvenate and restore human energy by removing negativity, making the human bio-field pure and dense, resistant to external influences. 


Physical body symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg. The main errors start in the invisible energy bodies. It is precisely there, where the disease is born. 
Diagnosis reveals human bio-emergent holes or magic influences, connections to other worlds (energy outflow or inflow), presence of negative programming.

In addition, Cosmoenergy (space energy) identifies abnormalities in ones biofield and may balance destiny (karma), energy centres (chakras).


The imbalance in the energetic chain of mental, emotional, astral, causal, spiritual, ether and soul bodies  cause disruption in the functioning of the corresponding organs.


Einstein's well-known formula Е=mс2 testifies that energy and matter - are one and the same universal substance. Meaning that all material objects in the Universe are energy or vibration.

A similar idea is stated by academician and physicist R.F. Avramenko.


He writes: "The Quantum theory has shown, that each object from visible reality are  "microparticles". Meaning that also people, planets consist of microparticles that make up the entire Universe (with the aura or energy field of each being boundless/ limitless).


The visible and tangible border of subjects is perceived as  border only because of  the  maximal concentration of substance waves in a limited area."
To understand R. F. Avramenko's opinion correctly, it is best to be open to this "quantum key" NOW and let go of some rigid ideas  presented in science about "genetic defects" and  errors, while understanding that some statements actually make sense only as subjective agreements of scientists about "game rules" for describing or validating surroundings.

A human being is part of Nature. Energy being the protogenic essence.

This unity and indivisibility of Nature and Energy should be the foundation and basic principle of medicine  - Emil Bagirov, ICCF (International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation)

To  make it clear.

I am not a doctor. The channels are healing and I am not using  my personal energy in the process.

The channels can be miraculous and have unbelievable healing power and results. If you have  a genetic disorder it would take a miracle to change  DNA. In very severe cases the channels may help to prolong life or to accept ones karma and make life less painful/ easier.

Furthermore, it is important to know that if an illness has developed to the final stages it depends on the age of the patient , the openness and personal will to want to heal.

I  will never diagnose anything or tell you to drop a healing process with another professional, be it a doctor of Western medicine or alternative practitioner. In fact sometimes collaboration may lead to best results.

For example from vast experience of Cosmoenergy Master Teachers -treating cancer with chemotherapy and combining Cosmoenergy treatments have lead to significant results and faster/less painful recovery.

In general, I ask to use rational and intuition. For example if the body has developed stones, or one has suffered a long time with mental illness it may take many sessions  to change the structure of the cells or energy patterns. To give an example, there is a difference when noticing the symptoms of a starting flu or already developed pneumonia. It would be delusional to assume that a deeper mental or physical illness can be cured with a few sessions. It is worth to try!

There are never 100  per cent guarantees with anything in life. The only thing I can guarantee is that I do my best with my current abilities and tools. I take full responsibility when assisting with your healing process as everything I do effects my own karma. 

With love,


your Cosmoenergy healer


Dorit Kozlovski, higher consciousness energy, reiki master teacher, cosmo energy practitio
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