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Cosmoenergy - is a unique holistic healing practice.


The energies from space are miraculous because besides the potential of healing the physical body from diseases accumulated over the years; they rejuvenate and restore human energy by removing negativity, making the human bio-field pure and dense, resistant to external influences. 


Purification from the accumulated negative energies, entities, insults and irritation creates a new outlook on life, spiritual awareness, and understanding one's purpose.


All this leads to a healthy and happy life. 


Cosmic energy helps anyone who wants to transform and change their lives, find the meaning of life and inner balance.

Diagnostic methods of space energy provide a clear indication of known diseases as well as those which are still in their infancy and have not yet manifested. 


In addition, the cosmic energy field can explain the causes of the disease and possible complications.

Physical body symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg. The main errors start in the invisible energy bodies. It is precisely there, where the disease os born. 


Diagnosis reveals human bio-emergent holes or magic influences, connections to other worlds (energy outflow or inflow), presence of negative programs.

In addition, cosmoenergy (space energy) identifies abnormalities in the cosmic energy-karmic load, its potential, and the work of energy centers (chakras), the imbalance of which causes disruptions in the human body's energy chain, which in turn disrupts the functioning of the corresponding organs.

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