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Private Cosmoenergy Session Face to Face

Healing with Cosmoenergy channels to clear, enhance and protect energy for healing

  • 50 minutes
  • 45 euros
  • Schalk Burgerstraat

Service Description

We will meet face to face. First we may discuss your health, any issues or complaints that you may have. The Cosmoenergy healing session means for you standing up 45 minutes with eyes closed and emptying the mind to observe what is happening within focusing on breathing. If you are not able to stand for 45 minutes - the laying down session is less effective and duration 60 minutes Depending on the complaints, after the first session it is recommended to complete at least a 10 time Cosmoenergy healing program, especially with more serious illnesses, like cancer, tumours etc. According to my teacher it is best to have minimum 2 Cosmoenergy sessions per week during the 10 day program. ----- I am initiated as a Cosmoenergy healing practitioner from International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation, Cosmoenergy School of Arhat. Have access to many Cosmoenergy channels - for example healing cancer and tumours, removing chemicals and toxins, healing blood system, nervous system, female hormone system, immunity, lungs, intestinal, purification, removing curses, heart connection and improving relationships, pet healing channel, to name a few. Not associated with religion, accessible to anyone with curiosity and open mind to try, Cosmoenergy is a holistic practice for healing physical, emotional and mental disorders, because the latter would sooner or later manifest on a physical plane as illness etc. Its both preventative, empowering and purifying. With roots from Shambala in Tibet, Cosmoenergy channels were discovered by yogis and monks about 400 years ago through deep meditation and accessing wisdom from Higher Consciousness civilization. The monks passed this wisdom on to Nicolas Roerich, who published many spiritual books. Later the method came to be known as Cosmoenergy healing. Even if it is difficult for the mind to comprehend, you are welcome to just try it with an open mind. *DISCLAIMER The session always contains purifying, protecting, enhancing your energy bio-field (also known as aura). There is no limit to what one can heal with this practice. Cosmoenergy practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. Cosmoenergy practitioners are not licensed physicians, and that Cosmoenergy is complementary to and separate from medical services licensed by the government. Cosmoenergy is being provided by your request and wish only.

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