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Answers to frequently asked questions regarding hypnosis

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

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QUESTION: I'd like to know more about the hypnosis sessions?


In my session I always ask to take a bit of time before to prepare for questions.

Preferably in handwritten format, then you already activate and connect with your intuitive side.

I also ask to check what is most important for you right now, any issues, triggers, fears or concerns, health questions, anything of interest, career, investments, where is the right place to be/live, soul connections, relationship issues etc.

When we meet we talk about everything for hours and go through your questions. I may assist with formulating the questions to receive most accurate answers during the hypnosis.

The hypnosis part is simple as your subconscious takes you exactly to the roots and answers related to your questions.

You will be #conscious (in Theta state, mind is present but very quiet), you are able to talk, and #incontrol of the entire hypnosis part, guiding me via visions, sensations, feelings, while I will be asking questions.

We also do a proper #bodyscan and healing during the session.

And will ask all your questions also directly to your #higherself.

After the #hypnosis we talk about how it felt, what you gained and how to proceed.

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QUESTION: Is the hypnosis a full day session?

ANSWER: Every being is #individual, therefore its not possible to say how long the session lasts or what is the outcome.

I don't put these limits, some people may need less time others more.

On average I recommend to take a full day just for yourself.

It's #holistic and #therapeutic and may take from 6 - 10 hours.


How does the online session work?

ANSWER: Meeting online is like meeting in person.

We are #connected via Skype and it works the same as meeting in person.

The prerequisite is good Internet on both ends.

It is

#safe, I can assure you of proper instructions in case internet connection would fail.

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QUESTION: How intense is a hypnosis session?


Some of my clients have never had #therapy.

They may have suffered from childhood rape, long family violence, bullying, abuse, complete neglect from parents, mistrust etc.

They may have felt labelled and classified by psychologists, who have suggested immediate medication or further clinical tests. I've heard that some psychologists assign to other specialists without hearing the person out.

Just being given the opportunity to share without being judged, labelled or numbed with medication is #liberating.

From experience, having a day where you are completely heard is creating #ease rather than intensity.

Ease from sharing ones burden.

The hypnosis part is even more liberating than sharing through #cognitive talking.

In such cases as described above its possible that 8 hours flow by without noticing.

It doesn't mean though that every session is like that.

In other cases people have a few and current issues that need solving, so its a different session.

Everyone is unique and the session is personal.

The SubConscious only reveals from the Unconscious what is appropriate and never what one can't handle or what would not be right or not in best interest for the wellbeing.

Every being has an inner connection in place and is always connected with that part.

Hypnosis is a means of bringing that part more into the #awareness and strengthening that connection.

The higher self talk is nothing unusual, its just more easy to spot when the connection is clearer.

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QUESTION: Would be super helpful to know how many sessions on average you see healing on #traumas?

ANSWER: We can always ask the higher self what would be the approximate time to #integrate the process of the session afterwards.

If a person has had many difficult #pastlives or many traumas it may be advised to do more sessions.

It very much depends on the nature of issues, #openness to do it, your wish to let things go.

How tired you are of the way things are right now and how eager you are for things to #change.

Also if you follow your higher self advice after...

Its best to take time between sessions to integrate everything you need from the session and see how the results start to change your life slowly but surely. Also when there are suggestions from Higher self, you may need to follow up and do accordingly to gain as much as possible from the session.

When you feel new #triggers or issues coming up strongly you may contact again, perhaps in a year or so... It may not be necessary.

It's completely up to you.

Your healing process is beyond my control.

My intention is to be of your assistance and assist so that you may receive the most out of the session for your highest interest.

If I would say I'm your healer, it's not true, as nobody but you can heal you.

My sessions are #empowering. If i would claim to be your healer I would take away your personal power and make you dependent of me, which is not my intention!

You are your own healer and it means taking #responsibility for your #well-being.

If you want your consciousness to be raised to the #5D - 5th dimensional reality or higher, this is a prerequisite - to take responsibility for your healing process.

The whole session is #liberating, the body scan involves a lot of healing and your higher self knows exactly what is needed and what is appropriate to show you. You will never be shown anything you can't handle or would jeopardise your future.

I just follow your highest self during the session, not the other way around.

Otherwise it would not be #ethical or right.

We are like onions, the more layers of untruth we peel off the more #truthful we experience the #present.

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QUESTION: What is your cost for the day of #hypnosis #therapy?

ANSWER: It's quite common to have a budget for hair dresser, eating in restaurants or having beer nights out.

From deep experience, #mentalhealth and #health are most important.

Our #awareness and #health determine how we feel, how we care about ourselves and others, how #honest we are to ourselves, how we think, behave and what we believe.

There are many people struggling with mental health issues, #limitingbeliefs#illnesses, #drugabuse, #labels, #conditioning, weak #immunity, #stress, #anxiety etc.

There may also be beliefs that #holistic #healing practitioners should offer their assistance for free.

From experience, if one receives healing for free it makes one not take responsibility for one's own #healingprocess.

Like with everything to have a #balanced relationship, it is about #giving and #receiving, weather its in money or other means.

When a healing practitioner spends 6-8  or more hours assisting to find solutions on a deeper level to liberate from burdens and illnesses it means fully focusing on the other without judgement and expectations.

#Hypnosis is not about leading the journey according to own wishes. The hypnosis practitioner should  be in the flow to follow the client.

These skills come through level awareness, lots of practice and are not dependent on levels of certification.

Nevertheless, to have a deeper insight and understanding, its important for healing practitioners to continuously #purify themselves and take complimentary courses to assist in best possible way.

Any time taken for studies or learning from other teachers also require time and #money.

Money is still a means of living on planet Earth, unless one is completely self- sustainable and does not operate within those means.

Until I operate within the monetary system - using money digitally or in cash and need to pay for food and shelter, I do charge reasonable rates in regards to  where I live and how I conduct the session.

I have currently reduced  the rate for the Online Hypnosis Therapy session, to make it more affordable to people living outside Amsterdam, where cost of living is very high.

My pure intention is for true healing to happen #naturally and to receive #deeperconsciousness information and healing that is of highest value to you 🙏

If you are curious to read more about #QHHT, you are welcome to check out this website and


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