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Limiting beliefs in regards to hypnosis

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

#Fear of the #unknown or fear of change may be a hindrance to what one may actually need the most.

The #resistance of trying a #holistic healing method that the

higher self is guiding towards may show itself in wanting to know every step of the #process, because fear or anxiety makes the #mind question anything that may seem unusual or that could possibly jeopardise the current state of being, even if the current state is a mess.

The Conscious mind however, is just about 10 % of the whole consciousness... Literally the tip of the iceberg.

And all the programs are run by Unconscious via Subconscious.

It's very common to rather stay in the current #comfortzone or unconvenience, even remain in horrible or violent situations, because that may feel less frightening than what the outcome of possible change may be. Because of the fear of how it may change life and relationships, perhaps also the status, especially if that's something one considers valuable.

It seems also that in such instances one may magnify the fear by justications - referring to horror movies, documentary seen about someone acting unethically or a gossip about another being, where something went wrong to justify the reasoning for not wanting or willing to change behaviour or patterns.

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Hypnosis is still often seen as something out of the ordinary as if one doesn't have any previous experience with #intuition or #higherself, deeper state of natural being and would have no control during the session.

In other words, the fear of unknown may be perceived as an obstacle by the mind, yet it is just an illusion, a limiting belief that can be overcome through simple hypnosis.

Life is all about #changes and adapting. It's fluid and not static.

The process of talking about ones fears or issues is already a relief, yet when these issues are addressed through Subconscious, there is so much more potential to choose something else in any new given moment and situation!

Due to the fact that the conscious mind is ruled through the Subconscious by Unconscious it's far more easier to see the bigger picture and solve issues via the Subconscious.

Everyone is already connected with the #higherSelf and #higherMind.

Therefore for the ones who never tried #quantumhealinghypnosis online or meeting in person before, they always confirm after the session that its actually simple and not as unusual as they initially thought.

One can easily stop the session if needed, go to toilet during the hypnosis, make decisions during hypnosis etc.

Perhaps a true question is -

what is the cost of struggling with #limitingbeliefs and remaining with outdated mindsets, fears, victim mentality, jealousy, anger, no trust, being ruled by childhood or past life traumas still affecting current situations and life and being controlled by the monkey mind, destructive habits, illnesses and blockages?

Hypnosis Facts

#Hypnosis was accepted by the American Medical Association is 1958

• Hypnosis is a very #natural state of mind and is #safe

• No-one has ever been hurt by Hypnosis

• Hypnosis is not mind control

• You cannot get stuck in Hypnosis – this has never happened to anyone

• Hypnosis is focused #consciousness

•Hypnosis is not sleep. Sleep is a state of unconsciousness, the "worst" thing that can happen during hypnosis is that you fall asleep.

•You are always #incontrol during the hypnosis

•You will not reveal your deepest darkest secrets

•You are not gullible or stupid for doing hypnosis

And article that may give more insight into fear of the unknown and 13 Ways to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown


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