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Peace of mind through deprogramming

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

What I've learned from my Estonian Buddhist monk teacher Tam and experienced through my own lessons is that peace of mind does not come about due to reprogramming or progressive thinking - to become a better person or being enslaved to resiliently reach goals.

In 2023 most beings treat yoga with the attitude of achieving.

Yet also yoga is not about accomplishing peace, striving for the third eye to open or pursuing happiness.

I've come to witness that managers who's mindset is focused on accomplishment and striving are often ignoring boundaries and suffering from poor mental health.

Bypassing mental health, rewarding staff by justifying bad habits, overwhelming staff with maticulous tasks for the sake of never ending goals and material gains is regarded as resilience and normality in most respected and successful companies.

Progression is about achieving, thus strengthening the ego, and usually not served with a peace of mind.

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Weather we want it or not, spending 8 hours or more in a day within neurotic energy does effect the environment in a negative way.

In the long run this sort of bypassing and mentality may resiliently end up with a bed at the mental hospital.

Question is, is it possible to have material needs met without constant striving?


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A different approach is by sheading all that is not true.

That way one will naturally end up with truth and inner balance.

These are two fundamentally different approaches to reality.

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The one about striving, usually at the expense of the other has the intention of "How can i benefit from this person or myself becoming this wonderful person or transaction for personal gain. "

The other way, that may unfold peace of mind is to DEPROGRAM all of the layers of untruth so that the truth can shine effortlessly.

That may even naturally unfold of doing things for the share pleasure of just that.

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The latter approach creates honesty and healthy real relationships, being present, conscious and aware each moment.

It's my pleasure to connect for DEPROGRAMMING sessions either online or in person.

For more information about deprogramming you may check out the 24 Hour/48 hour DEPROGRAMMING retreat article in this blog.

For inquiries and bookings contact

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