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21 Day Psylocibin Microdosing Retreat

Natural wellbeing Amsterdam homestay retreat with psylocibin microdosing and holistic therapies.

  • 99 hr
  • 2,499 euros
  • Schalk Burgerstraat

Service Description

21 Day Psylocibin Microdosing and Destress Retreat in Amsterdam The hours of this service in booking form do not reflect the actual 21 days of the retreat due to limitation of the Wix service time description. Let go of limiting beliefs, fears, discover if you have fear of death Understanding of body mind complex and no inherent dependent existence through meditations and yin yoga Forgiveness Anxiety and STRESS relief, connecting with Body , Soul, Spirit and receiving health support You are welcome to join me in a peaceful home accommodation in Amsterdam with many options for fresh air walks and cycling in nature, local parks and possibility to microdose psylocibin. Includes: * Accommodation in the Van Gogh room * Yin yoga, meditations for relaxation, observation, awareness, being present and for introducing new habits * 10 Cosmoenergy and or Reiki treatments - strengthening aura from any outer energetic attacks, leaks and drainage, health and immunity, while considering your personal complaints. * maximum 3 Hypnosis sessions of Dolores Cannon method (possibility to explore past lives and yourself in other dimensions) healing aspects of yourself in other dimensions changes how you perceive, react and act in this life. Discover your hidden gifts from other lives to assist in current life. * Reiki level 1 initiation with manual to regulate own energy after the retreat *Personal hypnotherapy recording at the end of the retreat considering your current state and needs Does not include: Flights and meals (except breakfast and psilocybin) Possibility for home massage treatments, tarot, pendulum divination for additional payment For more information please contact me directly via email

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