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A holistic perspective on the process of shedding addictions and habits

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

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Backtracking, how I have managed to shed some of my strongest habits, this article may open some new perspectives and can be an invitation to join a transformative session or a retreat.

Every individual, including those, who have by now transcended their egos have experienced all states of consciousness, have likely engaged in abusing others, may have had various skin colour or texture.

Every individual on Earth may have at some point been addicted to negative thoughts, emotions, flight or fight mode etc.

There is nothing embarrassing about witnessing the cycle of transcending the ego - everyone is going through the complete circle of being totally un-conscious to becoming more and more aware and present.

Until the individual ego is transcended, the un-conscious behaviour more or less continues.

If anyone reading this thinks I have transcended my ego, that is not the case and I am also in the process. Only very few on current Earth have released themselves from the circle of karma - cause and effect.

From deep and personal experience, I have managed to let go of many habits and addictional patterns and have been able to pinpoint some miraculous formulas that have worked in my own process and practices of letting go drug and alcohol addictions.

These formulas can be applied for sheading anything that is no longer needed.

Alcohol and Drug abuse by most modern scientists is regarded as a disease. It is referred to as a hereditary condition that is very likely to occur if one has it within family history. Furthermore, it is viewed as a learned behaviour, since scientifically neurotransmitters register the high as pleasure and reward.

Since human beings are habitual creatures it is true, although there is a lot more to it than the majority of the scientists and currently used textbooks imply.

The AA (Alcohol Anonymous) seems to label the individual as an alcoholic "My name is... and I'm an alcoholic". The AA method involves peer support and outer recognition for every "accomplishment" "achieved" and "becoming a better person" in the process.

Having been through a different approach to recovery, it is not my intention to undermine the positive results and recovery stories that AA and other group therapies may have on their members.

My recovery from addictions that had driven my body to a near death situation initially involved the understanding that I had a problem, a seclusion from my normal environment, a group therapy with psychotherapy combining Amazonian plants just to name a few.

After being part of the group therapy for a while, I noticed many members in the group combining psychotherapy with plant medicines getting attached to the group support and the plants too.

I noticed that with frequent use, for many members the substance called dopamine (*contained in Ayahuasca and also found in cocaine.) was becoming another form of addiction.

Unfortunately the leaders where not open nor ready to understand some wisdom and aspects from the practitioners of energy medicine (shamans), thus they missed something important that I have further discovered on my personal healing process.

As a result of this ignorance or lack of awareness, I noticed many of the shamans with higher consciousness leaving the group and the facilitators of the group left with incomplete practices.

In short, while most of the modern western group recovery programs and many local shamans contain something of great value and I agree with various points of both the AA 12 steps program and the psychotherapy group that combined medicinal plants, after reading through a lot of the scientific information, books and publications, including AA and even some modernized versions of the AA publications like Russell Brand's book “Recovery, Freedom from Our Addictions”, I can say that there are missing pieces in the process of the recovery.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of current scientists view people with addictive tendencies, drug or alcohol abuse from the point of genetics and the course of recovery involves modern science - psychology in the form of psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy and lately also mindfulness practices.

Wonderfully, the AA has acknowledged the existence of higher power (that one is not in control over everything, that there is a higher presence and connection, the invisible force guiding that is available at any given moment).

However, the soul aspect (possibility of many lives), and the energetic aspects in general - the ether body, spiritual body, causal body, astral body, archetypal mind etc. -the subtle energy bodies that form the physical body are largely neglected and rarely mentioned. Human being is not just physical body (genetics) influenced by collective consciousness and Spirit as referred by the higher power.

Almost none of the current scientific publications nor group programs emphasize how to recognize own energy field; how to clean the energetic field; how to clean the space (not just waving with the inscent stick or sage around the body or room); how to remain within ones own energy without mixing it with the rest of the group.

Putting it simply - in general there is still very little awareness about how to change ones energy field, repair negative patterns and holes in one's energy field etc.

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The SOUL aspect and the possibility to heal through application of certain formulas during the introspection of traumas originating possibly from previous lives holds the key to purification and letting go of what no longer serves.

All in all, the soul aspect is hardly mentioned in the general scientific textbooks, while it plays a crucial part in the trinity of the whole - BODY, SOUL, SPIRIT. (and its not meant in a religious context here)

From the energetic soul perspective, the soul body attracts the family that is most suitable for its energetic field - including lessons and desires - the holistic makeup of unfinished business, so to say, that comes mostly into the physical play after being conceived. If the particular circumstances happen to involve alcoholism in the family it is not a given that one is born as an alcoholic and remains as one for the rest of the days and possibly eternity.

From the soul body and energetic perspective the statement “I am an alcoholic” seems quite ridiculous, even though initial recognition of having a problem is of course important in the recovery in the form of taking responsibility of having the problem. However, the guilt and blame from oneself, family or society cause a lot of inner torment.

The thought pattern of AA recovery is to restrain and restrict oneself from any use of alcohol till the rest of ones days.

The attitude that once recovered, there is an almost must to help others in order to “redeem” for what’s been done in the past. The recovered needs to offer a helping hand, which is part of the 12 step program - to those who still wish to neglect themselves.

From personal experience and opinion, compassion actually runs deeper when the ones addicted may come to their own realization and wish to recover, instead of being helped while addicted, which actually may lead to their misery being prolonged.

It is usually the biggest crash, metaphorically speaking the house of cards and tower of illusions breaking down - physically, spiritually or emotionally that leads to that final acknowledgement of noticing that the problem exists and persists.

Once that acknowledgment of having a problem and starting to deal with the issues begins, involving the trinity – body, soul and spirit, is from personal experience a recovery without lifetime restrictions or restrains, nor being dependent on group support or cheering.

When looking at the habits from the perspective of the energy bodies - the causal body - (thoughts and un-conscious belief systems), astral body (desires and dreams) the water so to speak, runs deeper.

Besides the focus of being aware each moment, it is effective to include being in the theta state of consciousness in the recovery process.

While the inner exploration contains certain formulas for the true transformation to occur on a physical and cognitive level, it is possible to understand what deeper mechanisms (un-conscious) effect the decisions to start or continue to use substances.

The holistic approach naturally effects the entire course of action and destiny as the WHOLE ENERGY SYSTEM is changed from the core and not just treating the tip of the iceberg.

Ultimately its always the inner world that gives rise to the outer world and unbalance in the inner world that has ripple effect on the outer behaviour and consequences. Whatever the background of scenery is (genetics, poverty, family drama, political background, influence of media) etc. to start consuming a substance/ many substances or indulging and getting overwhelmed by addictive behaviour, which may extend to gambling, car racing, jumping from airplanes, having constant sexual encounters etc.

Nevertheless, it is common for human-beings to blame ourselves, the outer and outer circumstances. Not only because of the vast information and temptations that are everywhere (collective consciousness), also the family of the "drug or alcohol abuser" often treating the being with abusive behaviour or seeing themselves as the victim, or excusing the behaviour, feeling responsible for the behaviour (social conditioning).

Furthermore, in modern societies part of social conditioning includes being "fed" to the children that individuals are responsible for the happiness of other beings, which then reflects in how the attitudes of the "helper" and "being in need of help" develop.

To give an example, there may be social influences in the form of movies like “Pulp Fiction”; publications, media, showing drugs in a “cool” aspect, the MTV videos showing half naked girls and loads of money that may look influential or tempting; friends influence (collective consciousness), however

neither Irvin Walsh's social criticism, Michael Schumacher's fast car, Richard Branson's dream to get to the moon, or Kurt Cobain's requiem for a dream actually makes one grab that bottle or substance on a daily basis.

The influence may be there, yet it is always the underlying belief system, a deeper personal conviction and predisposition on an energetic level which truly affect the will and thus influence the action to take place.

It is not anyone’s fault, although the current societies thrive on guilt and finding faults from outside or inside.

Even though all parties are used to blame, excuses or "fixing" the other, it is actually never the responsibility of anyone else but ourselves to be responsible for our own happiness. It is a process of TAKING responsibility OF OUR OWN ENERGY, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, ACTIONS, THOUGHTS, DESIRES and by LEARNING HOW TO EMOTIONALLY SOOTH OURSELVES, HOW TO LIFT OURSELVES UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN HAPPINESS. I've been in the role of the "victim" and also in the role of trying to "fix" others and trying to give others reasons for living etc. As harsh as it may sound, happiness is always only the responsibility of each and every one.

Even if it's the hardest lesson to watch another suffer it's important to allow everyone to come to their own realizations in their own time.

To let the other suffer if that is what they currently desire, does not mean one is not compassionate. The ultimate compassion is to allow the other to awaken and take responsibility for themselves and trusting that one moment maybe in this lifetime or another they will.

KARMA also known as the law of the cause and effect happens to be the law of the Universe and most likely multiverses. It works by itself without having to worry about it or make notes of it in notebooks, ticking boxes to make mends with an outer God or Judge (so to speak).

It is possible to do or consume what one desires or wishes in any given circumstances yet one always bears the consequences as karma (cause and effect) balances itself out naturally.

The act of forgiveness coming from calculative decisions to take on acts of kindness to redeem some faults analysed by the mind in order to redeem karma points is coming from the place of Ego and not from the place of purity.

Similarly just showing off with rituals, prayers and candle burning, jumping from one Yoga retreat to another and showing off ones body in ecstatic dances without emotional or spiritual desire or depth is pointless and ultimately just demonstrations of the EGO.


Eckhat Tolle's Youtube video on "How to Forgive Yourself of the Past", seems to clarify this point.

My personal recovery has been based on deeper level questioning and shedding.

The why I started drinking? The why I took on this or the other habit? And the asking took place on the deeper state of consciousness, not only with cognitive therapy and through awareness of how aware am I. Discernment of truth with intuitive tools, being open, sincere, grateful and trusting towards the teachers of higher consciousness, most of all opening up to higher Self.

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Even though initially restraining myself not to do certain things, with deeper introspection, meditations and energy clearing, understanding my soul path and true essence, the restrictions and blaming of myself and others happens less.

My process is not pushed by a program or others, rather it occurs naturally.

It has not involved pharmaceutical medication nor religion.

That being said, changing mental conditioning has not been possible without taking time for myself and being ALONE.

Even though it has been difficult for others to understand and accept this, taking time to be alone and depending less and less on others or their support has been a very important aspect of my recovery.

No matter what anyone says, if one spends constantly time with others engaged in addictive behaviour or certain thought patterns it does affect.

Same goes if one is constantly looking at and surrounding oneself and being sincerely open to the energy field of stress, anxiety, negativity, it will affect too.

If one is constantly surrounded with drama and not having the tools to protect oneself and look at it without attachment, it may be more damaging than "helping" for self and the group.

Therefore, its important to take a step out from social conditioning and certain patterns of thinking - that is a big part of the shedding process.

For example during my group therapy I was still going to bars staying sober while my friends were drinking. I noticed my own energy changing and the interaction becoming more and more awkward and less interesting for everyone.

Admittedly, to join a party of feasting on a cow with a veggie leaf is not fun.

The whole process of doing something together involves being on the same energy field, and substances create a big part of it. Thus if one prefers to enhance the same wavelength, a tip would be to enjoy the same substance, weather it is tea, coffee, beer, veggie dinner or eating meat for that matter.

My healing process continues to involve daily or weekly purification of my energy field, and the layers of energy bodies, energy centres (chakras), physical organs etc. The energetic bodies and subtle imprints that may have not yet manifested as an illness, disease or organ failure effect the body and emotions and the entire destiny. Not the other way around.

To get deeper into the ENERGETIC aspect of the healing process, modern science still largely ignores or is barely discovering that human bio-field or also known as aura becomes broken with frequent use of alcohol and substances and is negatively effected by destructive thought patterns, constant stress and flight or fight mode.

When the bio-field (aura) is broken it attracts destructive energy (dark matter or also known as entities).

The dark matter grows stronger over the years of abuse, therefore taking over and overpowering the pure being and awareness,

Many fail with therapy or programs because while science treats symptoms, the energy is not cleared, nor transformed. Thus addictions just find other forms.

Taking medicinal psychoactive plants without certain awareness, not knowing how to differentiate own field from the rest and not knowing how to clear the space may also sometimes be more damaging than healing!

Any truly successful recovery would need to involve first and foremost personal energy clearing, cleansing, and purification of own energy and the space around.

To be very clear - un-consciously waving with sage or alcohol/salt is not clearing the space, nor does it make ones energy more dense or protected from outer influence. From personal healing process I can confirm that energy medicine and holistic treatments conducted responsibly with the right intention and with the right attitude have changed my awareness drastically.

Thus, I can claim from true personal experience that by patiently changing ones energy on a deeper level - the healing happens on all levels, the healing of organs, nervous system and destiny naturally takes a different course.

The core is divine and it just takes time and patience for the energy to clear, the destructive patterns to cast aside, with higher awareness prevailing and the ego taking steps back.

True forgiveness is not about taking a notebook and scratching down all the people one needs to forgive in order to feel better about oneself.

It’s a natural process and in my opinion should not involve ego nor mind, nor an idea of something or someone above giving green cards for it.

Therefore, my recovery process has not been about becoming a better person, but rather casting aside all the unnecessary burdens and noticing what happens. That is a major difference in the perspective of the healing process.

Instead of treating symptoms, with deep desire one can actually face what is causing the problems to surface. That being said it does not mean that one may not use any medication during the recovery process.

It's important to have tools for recovery and not neglecting the healing process.

While I do not follow a program, the methods I use in holistic treatments may and do change ones underlying patterns or current programming, the deeper healing occurs by treating one individually while treating individual SYSTEM AS A Whole.

When you join my retreat or book a holistic therapy session you will receive individual attention, since ones soul, anatomy, energy, emotions, thought patterns, needs, complaints are not comparable with any other being.

I share wisdom and techniques during private sessions or personal retreats individually or for families or close friends sharing a life or closely connected to each other (max 2 - 3 people), never a large group.

You are also very welcome to connect and join me on an island for deeper self discovery.

It's a peaceful place to be away from the usual environment. You are welcome to stay in a cosy home accommodation near the beach, with a personal room. There is SAUNA in the accommodation and plenty of nature, SPAs etc. around to cater for any specific requirements or needs.

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The option to stay for 21 days or more is possible as long as it is agreed in advance.

Ps. The retreats for alcohol or drug recovery need to be at least for 21 days (the minimum time it takes for the energy to transform and new ways to start settling) To receive more info you are very welcome to contact:


+31 617 44 58 98

+372 556 588 56

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