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Energy sent from distance. Is it possible and how?

Updated: May 28, 2022

From all personal experience, investigations and research, I have come to understand that time is an illusion, so is space for that matter and that thought travels quickest, quicker than any spaceship or planet!

There is still very little education (if at all) in public or private schools about energy medicine. Even practice of meditation (currently widely known and understood as a beneficial practice) is still not included in most primary schools.

The prevailing thought patterns are capable of convincing that individuality and physical body are primary.

Furthermore, one of the biggest lies is that consciousness is within the physical body.

In truth, physical body is within consciousness.

Human beings have a bio-field and our physical body is in fact formed from our energetic bodies instead of the other way around.

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The ego may be very convincing that consciousness is within the mind.

When one becomes observant (either through meditation, yoga, just being etc.), it is evident that one can not observe the mind with the mind.

One can observe the thoughts from the state of being (the nameless) and observing what is happening with the thought process.

Does it actually prove that thoughts are within the mind?

The thought processes are governed by the SubConscious, which is governed by the Unconscious, Higher State of Consciousness, OverSoul, Spirit.

One of the greatest psychiatrists Carl Gustav Jung was very aware of this and he used the Archetypal mind to conduct dream analysis.

That is, he assisted his patients through symbolic and metaphorical interpretation of dreams to create awareness of the Subconscious and Unconscious. Through that he empowered his patients by changing their core belief systems.

Furthermore, the ego is capable of convincing itself that there is space and time.

Just like the wireless Internet and instant connection with other beings online, we can communicate with telepathy and send energy from what seems to be of distance.

Focus on sending energy doesn't actually happen online nor via verbal communication. Yet focus on someone from distance is as intense as being in the same room with the other being, because energy has no boundaries.

Perhaps explaining a bit about sending energy from distance, may spark more curiosity or interest.

So how sending energy to someone remotely works?

Reiki or Cosmoenergy practitioner is initiated with Reiki symbols or Cosmoenergy channels from the Master Teacher initiated by the symbols and channels of higher consciousness energy.

After initiations have been physically passed through master teacher to the student's energy bio-field, the student may thereafter connect with particular energy field and may channel the energy through oneself to any subject or object.

This happens by the practitioner connecting with particular pure energy field through the symbols or channels and focusing that energy to be sent through oneself towards the subject HERE and NOW.

The subject may be a human being, an animal, plants etc

There are quite many articles on discussing scientific perspectives about channelling, similarly beings channeling themselves in different dimensions and what seem to be different "timelines"

Energy channelled and sent remotely through practitioner to subject works in a similar manner.

Ego may find this activity absurd or weird, especially if the ego is used to definitions of time or idea that only physical traveling may be possible. For more specific explanation and reading check out the Cosmoenergy and Reiki pages and the Frequently asked Qustions and Disclaimers on this website.

I do not encourage you to take my word as an absolute truth. Its always rather important to question and investigate and best of all - have openness to try it!

Getting back to healing from distance, I'm passionate about channelling Reiki and Cosmoenergy from home to anywhere in the world. I've channelled and directed energy from my location to patients in hospitals and homes all over the World.

By channeling energy to beings in different locations by connecting them with Reiki or Cosmoenergy channels I have assisted with purifying their energy and in their holistic natural healing process. To list everything it has worked on is impossible, because when the energy is cleaned it effects the entire holistic system and destiny. I have conducted many many successful distance Reiki and Cosmoenergy sessions and even brought a patient out of coma.

However, if you contact me just before the physical body is dying, it is natural that miracles can not be expected immediately. It takes time to heal and changes to manifest first on an energy level then physically etc.

While modern science deals with symptoms Reiki and Cosmoenergy treatments treat the SYSTEM as a WHOLE.

During the pandemic, I have channelled Reiki and treated Corona patients, who experienced breathing difficulties and anxiety or who had panic attacks from it.

By sending distance Reiki to my son's twisted ankle in another location even one time, he felt less pain and could already step on his foot the next day.

These are the times when people can not meet as simply as before.

This neurotic restlessness, prevelance of yang energy (masculine energy both in men and women) has caused dis-balance to Earth's ecosystem, extinction of animals and plants, spreading of viruses, over-heating, water level rising, floods etc.

When we start looking inward and healing the inner-world, slowly our karma changes. When each and everyone would treat themselves from holistic perspective the World would slowly change around us.

To get back on the topic of remote therapy, by sending energy from distance (what ego or what ones core belief system may still regard to be from distance), perhaps the best thing about it is that energy knows exactly where its needed, once it is intensely focused and sent to anyone ready and open to receive it!

It simply works the best possible way for the one open to receive.

The CORE, the Truth can shine in its completeness when the layers of obstacle are purified and made aware of , through energy clearing (purification) and shadow work.

The SUN sees no shadows, because the SUN is only light and can only shine. That is the nature of the SUN.

You may imagine yourself as pure light, casting away all shadows.

Energy clearing may also assist not only in cleaning and densing /strengthening and magnifying the aura - energy field, it can also help in getting rid of accumulated negative energy, entities, other spirits taking over one's body etc.

If this perhaps somewhat complex explanation triggered something within or made you more curious, you may try out distance Reiki or Cosmoenergy or any other form of remote therapy for yourself, your garden or pet.

Or meet me in person for a one to one hypnosis session, to get re-acquainted and reconnected with the timeless being.

Happy to assist and connect you with the Source HERE AND NOW 💚🙏

With love,


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