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My name is Dorit. 

In my personal process, I have found that a safe and trusting environment is most important for responsible Self-exploration and healing. 

Energy healing practitioner in Amsterdam, my true passion is assisting you with connection to your SELF, exploration of consciousness, subconscious and unconscious belief systems, your energy purification in a calm and safe place. 

When you come to my session, you may understand the root cause of your physical, emotional and mental symptoms. 

You can possibly discover what diet and exercise best suits you. 

You may become aware of your SubConscious and unconscious belief systems - your programming that affects your awareness.

You may learn about the cause of your addictions, habits, patterns, to see if you want to keep or discard them. 

I can also purify and clean your energy centers (chakras) and your energy biofield by using ancient methods of energy healing - cosmoenergy and Reiki (lifeforce energy) 

All you need to have is a little bit of openness and curiosity.


All answers are within, awaiting to unfold! 


You hold the key to your own empowerment and Self-discovery.

My tools for your assistance:

Reiki Initiations -access to Reiki symbols, Reiki healing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner

 Yin Yoga Teacher (200hrs yoga alliance yin yoga teacher training by Hellen van der Harten direct student and assistant of Paul Grilley) 

Cosmoenergy practitioner (Cosmoenergy is recognised and recommended by World Health Organisation)

Higher Consciousness Energy, QHHT in Amsterdam, Reiki Master, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Dorit Kozlovski, Cosmoenergy, QHHT practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in Amsterdam, Re

Higher Consciousness Energy


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