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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

I hold no copyrights to this article, which is an abstract from the book "Bashar reading material".

Many of you have been told that abundance is certain things, but is not other things.

Many of you have become wrapped up in the definitions that create abundance, or an apparent lack of it.

Allow us to address the notion and make very clear in your understanding that it is – ONLY – your definitions of abundance that prevent you from experiencing it in your lives. There is absolutely nothing inherent in the idea of abundance or the experience of abundance that is difficult to attain. Only your definitions of abundance make it seem to be beyond your reach.

Here comes another new definition. Are you paying attention? All right.

Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Period.

"Hey, he didn’t say anything about money. He left out money. What good is abundance without money?" Well, what good is money without abundance?

Again, allow yourself to understand the basic definition of abundance: the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it.

Now, yes, on your planet we understand you have one symbol of abundance called money. Yes, it’s valid; yes, it’s creative; yes, it’s going to change. But that’s all right; it is still valid. It is just as creative as any other way to represent abundance. "What do you mean, any other way? What other way?" Well, many other ways; many other ways. And that’s the difficulty in your definition.

If you only see abundance only as money, very often you don’t see abundance in its other forms. You’re blind, so to speak, abundance blind, because "green” is the only color you allow abundance to come in.

But abundance comes in a total spectrum. The idea is to understand you must relax your insistence that "It must come in this certain way or I won’t accept it. I won’t recognize it if I don’t see this and this on such and such a date, to the penny. Otherwise, I’m not abundant. What’s wrong with me? I can’t attract this amount of money by this date because I need it for this and I need it for that. What’s wrong with me?" Again, these are just definitions.

If you allow yourself to understand that abundance is simply whatever way, shape or form your automatic synchronicity can attract into your life what you need to allow you to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, then you will begin to realize that you are very abundant, and have been for quite some time. When money is the strongest way a particular kind of abundance can be fulfilled, the money will be there. You’ll attract the opportunity to give you the money. But when money is not the simplest way, when it is not the path of least resistance, which may be the last way it will manifest. You may be receiving many other ways that abundance is manifesting in your life or, I’ll say, attempting to manifest in your life. But you may not be allowing it to, again, because of your definitions.

The Rich Person: I’ll give you an analogy. This analogy keys directly into the concept of fundamental unconscious belief systems. When they are growing up, many individuals on your planet hear many stories, many parables, as you call them. And perhaps one day you hear the parable of “The Very Rich Person.” And in being a small child, being open to all information, you sit there and absorb this parable.

And this parable says, "This person is exceedingly abundant." And at the same time, "This person is an exceedingly mean, nasty person." So your little budding mind says, "Oh, abundance equals nastiness," and it joins the two. The two ideas marry and fuse in your consciousness belief matrix. So one day, when you’ve forgotten that you ever heard that parable, you grow up and say to yourself, "You know, I would really, really like to be abundant. I’d really like to be rich." But then, all of a sudden, somewhere

deep down, so deep down that you can’t even hear it, a little voice says, "but if I become rich, I’m going to become nasty and I don’t want to do that – so I’m not going to let myself become rich.”

Now, when you begin to delve deep in your meditation, when you are quiet within yourself and dive back through your own personal history and discover what the beliefs are that you have about situations in life, including abundance, and where you got those beliefs and why you have them, then you can recognize how you may be sabotaging yourself, constantly short-circuiting yourself by having "piggy-backed" belief systems that have no business being joined together.

When you understand that you may have beliefs like the one just mentioned, you can then clarify the issue by saying, "Ah, but now I understand a person can be rich without being mean. Now I understand that. But I had to understand that I believed it was not possible before this point. I equated nastiness and abundance as one concept and, therefore, would not allow myself to be rich, because I did not want to be nasty. I did not want the whole picture of what I thought it meant to be rich. Now, how would I prefer to believe it is to be rich?" Redefine; rewrite your own personal definitions. Once you understand what the

definition is, rewrite it. Use your imagination. Rewrite the belief the way you prefer it to be. "I am a loving, kind, beautiful, artistic, creative, rich individual. That’s the kind of individual I prefer to be. And I now know I can be, without in any way, shape or form having to hurt anyone else or myself – whatever I want to be. That’s how powerful I really am." That’s true power.

Power: When you understand that you are already as powerful as you need to be – without having to hurt anyone else or yourself – in order to create the reality you prefer, then you know True Power.

Power is not "control." It is not "domination." It is not "attempting to try" to make your reality conform to your will power.


Will is simply focus.

It is simply clarity about whom and what you are; what it is you prefer. And clarity about what it is you believe you deserve.

That’s a big issue, deserving. Big issue, especially with regard to abundance, "Do I deserve to be abundant?"

But again, it is the actions themselves; it is the reality itself that says it all. Are you willing to believe it to the point where you’re willing to be it? Are you willing to act it out, to be that person, that abundant person than can then attract that reality to themselves?

As long as you trust that you are not avoiding something you need to look at, you must trust that your excitement is the thing to follow; then act in that direction.

Do not insist that the situation has to be in a certain arrangement. So, that’s the first thing you learn about abundance, that there are many forms of it. Let them come to you; do not shut the door. Let them come... by following your excitement. The next thing you learn is that as soon as you start rolling, you must then continue to roll. You must continue to act on the opportunities that come to you, that you attract into your life.

Understand that when you are focused in a negative way, opportunities are invisible to you. You literally don’t see them. But when you open up to the idea that you are automatically aligned and synchronized with everything that you need, you start to see the things that have always been there but could not see.

And so you must act, at any given moment, on the thing that excites you the most that you have the highest degree of capability of acting upon. Sometimes situations will present themselves that you are equally excited about doing. Act on the one that has the highest degree of ability to be acted upon, because your ability to act in the various directions of what excites you will never be exactly the same.

They will never be equal. Act upon the excitement that you have the highest degree of ability to act on.

Now you’re pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.

At this point, you are actually creating the stepping-stones that you take the next step on. You’re not just waiting for them to come after you take a step, do an act, or see the opportunity come. Yes, up to a certain point. But after that point you must actually build the next step before you can take the step. You will understand what I mean about this if you have arrived at that point or when you do, because you will. But that’s where your full blossom and full power of creativity is expected to come to bear. Where you have to look at things like you’ve never looked at them before and see the ability in "nothing" to create an opportunity. To see things that might be completely disassociated to most people, but see how they connect and then connect them. To create a new third thing that is an opportunity nor only for you but for all individuals involved in the connection. Then you are really high powered. Then you’re really beginning to take the first baby steps of true creation.

True manifestation: Now, just for a moment, let us use what you have to springboard you to the next level. So what you have experienced now is but one infinitesimal atom of the ecstasy and the abundance and the flow and the synchronicity that you could experience in your life. Do you think you could stand that much ecstasy? Or will you just explode? All right then, do not say you do not know how to proceed. You do. All you have to do is use your imagination in the very same way you use it this day of your time, in whatever direction you so desire. There are no limitations. There are no limitations.

Create the reality you prefer. Create what your imagination is most strongly and magnetically attracted to. Go and be with the people that you feel are representative of the vibration you want in your life. Let them rub off on you. Be that person now. Act like the person you want to be, now. Do the thing that person would do, now. Be as bold in every endeavor that excites you as you have been this day of your time. You have given yourself the perfect example, you have created it yourself. You are in no way lacking in creativity and generation of flow, as you have very strongly illustrated. So, from this point forward, when you express that you don’t know how to proceed, I will not believe you.

Thank you for a most pleasant and enjoyable, ecstatic, synchronicity and abundant exchange.

Thank you for appreciating who you really are and what you really can do when you finally decide to align....

More about ABUNDANCE...

Many of you, attach the idea of abundance to the specific symbol of what you call your monetary exchange. Now it is not that your monetary exchange can not represent the idea of abundance, but abundance is far more than that idea, though many of you will not allow yourself to perceive abundance as being such. And in this way, many of you limit the idea that you are already very abundant, in exactly the way you need to be, because you assume that you are not abundant because you do not have the monetary symbolic

representation of this idea.

Recognize that the basic, primal definition of abundance, in a sense, in your terms, more closely, is simply being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. This does not always. . . and I’m sure your imagination is able to come up with many examples. . . it does not always mean that you must have money in order to fulfill that definition.

For recognize there are many ways, many connections that can be formed, many doorways, many opportunities, many interactions, many relationships, many situations that can bring you the opportunity to do what you want when you want to, without money ever changing your hands from one to the other. In this way, as you restrict yourself into the assumption that it is ONLY through money that you can allow yourself to achieve abundance then you are closing all doors through which many opportunities that will allow you to express your abundance may manifest. Recognize many of you feel in this way, that because you do not have enough money, more money than you have, you cannot do some of the things you would like to do.

Things that excite you in that way, things that you know are the vibration, are reflections of the vibration that represent the things you most desire in your life, but, as you say,” woe it is,” you do not have enough money.

Now recognize, many of you make the assumption that individuals in your society that you call rich have more than enough money to do anything they want. . . they do not.

An individual you see as rich has exactly just enough money, but they have just enough money to fulfill the idea of themselves that they have.

You, if you will stop and think about it, usually always have just enough money to do what you want to do, one way or another. “I always have just enough, but I never seem to have more than just enough.” (Audience laughter) But simply recognize, an individual who is also rich always only has just enough to do what it is they have allowed themselves to realize they are capable of doing.

Therefore recognize, the idea of the scope of the symbol of abundance is directly proportional to the degree to which you believe you are capable of expressing the being that you are, the idea that you are.

Being willing to be fully the idea that you would like to think you are will expand you to the point where you will then attract automatically to yourself all of the individuals, opportunities, and situations and relationships that will provide for you a directly proportional means of expressing the degree of the idea you are willing to be.

Nature works automatically in that way, functions quite automatically.

It will always supply you with exactly the degree of the tool that will go into allowing you to express the degree of the idea you are willing to be. Are you all following along with this idea?

AUD: Yes. Yes.

B: Also, many of you feel, in this way, that being rich is to hoard the symbol of money. Recognize again, that while it is not, in your terms, impossible to do this idea, all then that has been done is the compilation of the symbol – money. And in this way, it is not the fundamental activity of abundance; it is simply a pile of money. In this way recognize that, again, if you will look at it, many of the individuals upon your planet who are truly, let us say, functionally abundant, functionally rich, are not prone to be able to say, “come to this room, I’ll will show you all my money” . . . as you say, their money is doing things for them.

Recognize, therefore, that another idea, another aspect of abundance is not that it sits, is that it flows.

When you create a flow, when you put out the idea of yourself in this way, and are willing to be equal, to know, to trust, without fear, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the idea of putting out an idea of abundance will allow there be a vacuum and allow there to be the vacuum filled to create a flow in that way, then the idea will be understood that those that are expressing abundance are not stockpiling, they are allowing abundance to flow through them to do things in that way.

Therefore recognize, that is why many individuals upon your planet coming from the assumption, from the beliefs that abundance is holding on to the riches in this way, when they come from those beliefs and are about to experience the idea of abundance, many times they will, because they are not willing to do willingly, they will, in a sense, attract a situation that will force them to release a part of what they now know to be their, so

called, abundance, to allow a greater abundance to come in, because of the flow that will be created by the release.

Many of you will create this release through your reluctance, by having something stolen from you.

That is why many individuals who are very, very accelerated in the exploration of abundance will automatically find that many times they will have objects stolen from them. Because they will attract an individual, in that sense, who is powerless in their own right and willing to be attracted by those, in that sense, who are exploring the abundance but not willing to release.

They will attract that individual to uncork the plug for them, in that sense, and allow there to be now recognition, if you are willing look at the situation in a positive light and not a self pitying negative light, you will then recognize then that that has been a release that now allows the waters of abundance to flow through you, for a gap created will

be a gap filled. There can be no vacuum in creation in that way. You follow me?

AUD: Yes.

B: There are many manifestations of different ideas of how individuals may allow their own abundance to become paramount and recognizable in their lives. But, also, as we have said, recognize that abundance is not just your monetary symbol. Anything, any situation, any opportunity that allows you to simply function as the being you know yourself to be is an expression of your abundance, and many times you can create a situation whereas you previously thought you required money for the manifestation of that situation, but now that you are functioning within trust in your abundance, you can recognize that many times you will attract situations that will automatically grant you the same circumstances that will allow you to function in the way you wish to function, regardless of the definition.

For example, many of you will say, “well I am looking for a place to live, therefore, I need money for a place to live.” But recognize, as long as you focus on the idea that you may ONLY get a place to live if you have the money, then you may not allow the ecstatic explosion of coincidence to occur where a friend comes up to you and says “I happen to know someone who is going out of town for five years and wants somebody to watch their house, will you do that free of charge, in that way, and have a place to live? “

These things can happen and do happen all the time when you allow them to happen; you will find (yourself) walking into exactly the right place, at the right time, interacting with exactly who you need to be interacting with, because they are providing a service to you, and you are providing a service to them and you are trusting that the universe, when you let it, works that way and works that simply all the time. You follow me?

AUD: Yes.

B: Sharing!

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