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Restlessness and anxiety

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It takes free will, making time and effort to meditate and focus on INNER PEACE. Being awake is being present and aware of the moment as it is without judgement or wishes.

Internal turmoil - anxiety and restlessness are one of the fundamental issues in modern busy societies. Not only does it affect own wellbeing, also the World situation, upheavals, wars etc.

Most of the time, the attention is turned outwards and focus is on continuous external stimuli.

This pressure from mind body complex, work, family, life pressure, constant search and focus on external stimuli keeps the mind racing and preoccupied with ideas and needs that it's important to keep busy and keep the mind busy.

This is causing anxiety, mistrust, stress unbalanced energy, that leads to energy leaks, chronic overthinking, restlessness, stress - organ and system failures, pain, illnesses, external anger and wars etc.

Continuous focus on outer and inner race (seemingly different facets but same phenomena) is preventing the focus on the true essence of Self, which is INNER PEACE and understanding that there is no inherent self.

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In order to feel and be in peace again, is to take time for just being.

PEACE is always within reach and has not gone away, therefore it is not something to achieve or gain, just to return to.

Private Yin Yoga, meditation, Cosmoenergy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, higher consciousness energy, holistic wellbeing

To return to peace it's recommended to take time for oneself, to meditate every day.

At first it may seem difficult, because the habit is to focus on the external, possible irritation in regards to sounds, body, mind chatter or judgement of own and others behaviour.

To practice meditation is willingness to take some time and make some effort to sit still and observe silence. It does require free will to practice.

Awareness, awakening, higher consciousness energy, Cosmoenergy, distance Reiki, holistic therapy, therapeutic massage

Sedatives, alcohol, etc. are addictive and again dependant on the external.

Returning to true inner peace is a process of letting go external addictions and limiting programs that prevent being in peace.

Obviously there could be deeper issues in our programming that is the cause of constant anxiety, pain etc.

Therapy in the form of hypnosis and energy healing can be very useful in understanding the root cause and changing deeper programs from destructive to positive or neutral.

Yet for any healing to take place, it's important to take time and it may feel unusual or uncomfortable in the beginning to be still and to take the time for observation and learning to return focus on stillness. Furthermore, returning to centre while doing daily tasks, communicating is the practice of being present in the moment not just during meditation.

Higher Consciousness Energy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, private Yin Yoga, Cosmoenergy, spiritual retreats

The terms to be awake and aware is often misunderstood.

What it really means is that while doing activities to be completely honest with oneself and to be present without judging.

To notice what is happening internally/externally, observing how you respond and react in present moment, while simultaneously observing others responses and reactions as they are.

There are billions of techniques that are referred to as "meditation" , hypnosis methods, programs etc. available online and offline.

Most of the referred meditations are related to achieving, desires, programs of becoming better in something, accomplishing to open third eye or other self development related focus exercises etc.

When things are pushed or artificially opened and not naturally happening, it may cause more harm than peace.

If one is not ready to take on what these artificially achieved efforts may bring, they may cause more negative karma to oneself, since the naturally acquired responsibility or understanding is not yet present.

When things unfold naturally and with ease they will be in alignment with present understanding and responsibilities.

There's very little content online on one's true Essence, silence and actual inner peace.

For more information on how to focus on inner silence, how to meditate on peace etc. you are welcome to book a private online discussion, or a private Yin Yoga session, that may include meditations and energy healing, inner balancing.

Or book an energy healing session like Reiki or Cosmoenergy.

This may help also in preparing for the process that's required prior to a hypnosis therapy to let go of programs, karma, fears that one may not even be aware of.

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