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The myth about TWIN FLAME

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During my vast experience in conducting hypnosis sessions, the question about twin flame often comes up.

To understand what it means, consciousness experiences itself through many lives. Some souls meet each other over and over again in different lives and not just as partners - it may be also as friends, family members, far relatives, in work relationships, as acquaintances etc.

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Every relationship has lessons.

Usually the meeting of souls takes place due to karma (cause and effect).

From a romantic perspective there has formed a misunderstanding that twin flames exist and that there is only one soul partner for the other. The truth is, even if souls have made a pact of supporting or being with each other for many lives, sometimes even hundreds of lives, there is no obligation to be with each other.

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There can be many soul pacts, not just one!

If you are curious about your relationships, and karma lessons with specific people, you are welcome to book a private hypnosis session from anywhere in the World online or by meeting in person.


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