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Life Partner, Soulmate, Twin Flame, the One

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

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It is common to ask questions during the hypnosis about a possible life partner.

Weather one has met their twin flame, soulmate or is there the ONE or many for them out there?

And yes, we all have certain soul contracts (karmic connections) and every path/ also state of awareness is totally unique.

Often love coaches have the idea that if one works on their own emotions and practices selflove, anyone could potentially be a match and its vital to find the one, outside of oneself.

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Yet the level of awareness, weather people are ruled by entities or perhaps by ego, soul contracts etc. may be overlooked.

In fact, many men and women are aware of each other and relate with each other on superficial basis.

It may be of a potential concern for the youth or young souls who may lack in communication skills and might not even dare to have natural conversations or physically meet, just stumbling on each other in virtual reality or virtual reality games also in the form of created characters.

I conduct a lot of hypnosis sessions and for each soul answers about life partner are very different.

Living in Amsterdam and communicating with people from all over the World, having travelled the World, dated many, experienced sincere love and depth in relationships and also superficiality, done research in Dutch dating apps, I can say from experience the number of perversions that human beings may come up with to substitute happiness both online and offline seems to be growing unless time is taken to be in silence and to allow the soul to surface and guide.

Is the other viewed and experienced just for taking or enjoying, is the other a throwaway object, like a commodity, a thing or is deep connection still possible? How are we treating ourselves and others?

What happened to simply loving, simple interaction and communication without distorted inner or outer reality?

People seem to be looking for the outer happiness, the outer love to make them happy and very few are truly happy just being.

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Observing the highly popular TV programmes and love match reality shows like " Love Island", "The Bachelor" etc. it seems people enrolling in these programs are mostly experiencing the process of fast dating including all possible external attractions. The process of falling in love is translated into meeting the One and for majority of the contestants happiness means finding that love outside of oneself that could potentially make them happy or happier.

Yet being whole is first and foremost about balancing the masculine and feminine energies inside and being happy in the first place.

And that doesn't always come with the predisposition that one is destined to be with someone or needs to look for the outer match.

Believe it or not, for some the higher self guidance may be that in this lifetime they can be truly content by just being happy on their own and without all the external stuff...

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Liberation doesn't necessarily mean trying out or having many sexual partners, orgies, dominatrix parties etc. to feel the highs, to feel anything in order to be happy.

Usually if one needs all those things, it may be an indication of lack of something to fill up the emptiness within.

On the topic of falling in love, many people fall in love because of the physical attraction, law of attraction, sexual energy, butterflies in the stomach and presume - that is an indication of love or matching, being drawn to another.

Eckhart Tolle once put it, falling in love simply indicates falling and not necessarily being aware or fully present with the other.

Usually the falling contains quite a bit of sexual attraction with the addition of pink glasses. When that attraction fades, usually reality hits and it may hit hard!

That being also the reason why most of the reality show contestants do not end up together longer than few months or max a year after the show and glamour is over and the falling in love period is finished.

Often diving into the relationship without actually getting to know the person on a deeper level is almost a given in the modern World. That is partly the reason for so many divorces.

One falls in-love, which may scientifically last from 3 - 8 months, before one knows it there's kids, material obligations and then the realization might kick in that the spiritual awareness is different, there's very little actually in common or worst case one doesn't even feel comfortable in the presence of the other, there may be deep unhealed wounds, life purpose or lifestyles not matching. The list goes on...

Why so many people find it hard to be in quarantine at home during Corona, is because humanity has not been put in a situation to face themselves in a long time.

Before quarantines people were quite used to mostly escaping from themselves, from home, having lots of entertainment, traveling, being at work, overworking due to circumstances, engaged in other type of escapism.

On current Earth I witness many people having difficulties to listen to their own needs, truly understanding oneself, being comfortably present and enjoying own company, never-mind being actually present with others and truly listening without assumptions about the other or wishing to see the other in a different "better" light to match a wishful vision about the other.

Majority of human beings operate from their ego perspective, pushing their views on others or thinking that others may see the World exactly like them.

Are we truly just lambs on a run or lost stars lighting up the dark?

Have you thought about what's going on with you?

What are you looking for?

Are you happy, content and experiencing love with or without a partner(s)?

Are you with your soulmate or twin flame?

Is there the one for you?

Or are you the One?

Is there a significant other or a soul contract waiting to be met and fulfilled during this lifetime?

Have you ever tried to measure what is your level of awareness, how close you are to the truth, pure consciousness?

Or how close the people you meet are to the pure consciousness, the truth?

Is your level of awareness matching or far from each other?

The answers are deep within and can be unlocked or understood with hypnosis session(s) and with pendulum dowsing!

Few love coaches or life coaches can give advice or reflect back based on the depths of the soul.

The Higher Self, OverSoul, Higher Mind can see things from a broader and deeper perspective what is truly unique for you and give the most accurate answers about You and your current process.

Its all about trust in the process itself, which may or may not include a life partner or partners.

Are you interested to find out about yourself and your process?

Wisdom is within and waiting to unfold - you are so welcome to try out some services that may assist in this process

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